Our team

Henrik Balslev, CEO

Henrik Balslev completed his engineering degree in 1988, and from then on his career has been in consulting engineering, where he has held a wide range of positions within management and development. Since 2010, Henrik has been working as an independent specialist providing concepts for handling large and complex designs of systems. Today, by using international standards and experience from governance, Henrik is recognised as an international specialist in his field. By employing re-use and international rules for system design, the consultancy creates an overview for the clients, always from a strong commercial and practical point of view.

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Allan Dam Jepsen, CTO

Throughout his career Allan has worked to solve the challenges of complex design in a wide range of industries. Working as a consultant, he has sought to not only deliver solutions to immediate problems, but also to aid companies in understanding their larger challenges and guiding them in how to address them. Allan’s interest for both practical work and theory has led to the completion of a PhD in Engineering Design in 2015 and a certification in Systems Engineering. Today he draws on the best of state-of-the-art research and practical experience from a diverse range of industries to create lasting change in the organisations he encounters.

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