Associated Partner Program for the Systems Engineering Concept®

Systems Engineering A/S operates an Associated Partner program for the Systems Engineering Concept® (SEC).

Associated Partners are independent consultants that are experts in the implementation and use of the Systems Engineering Concept®, and can provide provide assistance on multiple subjects related to the SEC, incl.:

  • Implementation of systems engineering with the Systems Engineering Concept®
  • Technical training in the SEC
  • Project management for projects using the SEC
  • Support for SEC IT tools
  • Verification and validation of systems engineering work
  • Call on assistance if you have peaks in your capacity load

Associated Partner Spotlight

Haldborg Systems Engineering is an independent consultancy company located in Aarhus Denmark, owned and operated by Michael Haldborg Schlünzen.

With more than 20 years’ experience in change management and systems engineering, Michael has a broad experience in what it takes to analyze, design, build and put complex development projects into action.

“It is the job that is never started that takes longest to finish.” – Michael Haldborg Schlünzen, CEO

Haldborg Systems Engineering not only focuses on the dependencies between different technical disciplines, but also the relationship between product, process and the people who make it.