System architecture and requirements

Systems engineering can handle complex design of any technical system. However to succesfully apply systems engineering an easy understandable hands-on approach is needed.

Systems Engineering A/S has developed a concept systems engineering, that enables any company to work with systems engineering through hands-on instructions for execution assisted by practical tools.

The Systems Engineering Concept® can enable your organization to deliver systems within budget and with quality under absolute control.


System architecture and requirements

The SEC enables unambiguous description of the system architecture based on ISO and IEC standards.

The architecture is used to capture requirements and other design information, and it is the central focus of all development activities.

System designers use this element of SEC as the basis for their work, and project managers use it to monitor the performance of the design team, change management and perform QA.

Agile development

The SEC enables gradual maturing of system designs with incremental development loops that include system integration, stakeholder validation and design review.

The agile approach ensures early verification and validation of requirements and design with possibility for adjustment and error correction of the design.

Concrete actions and practical tools provide an operational hands-on concept that is easy for team members to execute, and is easy for new employees to learn.

Design maturity and Documentation

The SEC sees documentation as something that is produced to communicate with stakeholders. It must therefore be produced only when needed, and address parts of a system that is of interest to a stakeholder at the current level of design maturity.

The SEC structures documentation to fit the system design following international standards, and it ensures that documents are only produced when needed for a particular design stage.


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